AmericanaFest 2019

The Toledo blade, January 2019

"It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, or Roy Orbison. There are times you’re in the hands of a gifted musical storyteller — a deep, gritty, road-weary troubadour — and you know it’s better to sit back and enjoy the ride, that the tales of seemingly real characters — their joys, pains, and angst — will inspire you through song... Ray Bonneville is one of those great songwriters." -Tom Henry,The Toledo Blade, January 14th, 2019  Read more here...

Fervor Coulee, December 2018

"Ray Bonneville can be counted upon to deliver albums of uncluttered, lyric-driven blues... His latest, a set of eleven original, southern-influenced compositions, is every bit as strong as previous favourites including Roll It Down and Bad Man’s Blood. While the instrumentation—groove-laden and yet easy-going—reminds us a bit of Mark Knopfler at his least indulgent, it is Bonneville’s gentle vocal approach that has kept us coming back to this engaging disc... Highly recommended for those who appreciate their Americana with indigo overtones." -Donald Teplyske, Fervor Coulee, December 2018  Read more here...

La Hora Del Blues, December 2018

"...Ray Bonneville’s voice, guitars and harmonica are well supported by some good musicians who really contribute to create a music that could be described like gun powder or opium, because sometimes it sounds flaming and explosive and other times languid and melodic, but always inside the frame of an elegant tasteful country folk he performs with a mastery technique. VERY GOOD." -Vicente Zúmel, La Hora Del Blues, December 2018 (loosely translated from Spanish)  Read more here...

Blues Byte, November 2018

"Bonneville’s songs are marvelous, telling stories and painting vivid images of a wide assortment of characters. Some of these tales are so personal that they have to come from personal experience. The sparse arrangements fit perfectly, and Bonneville’s nimble guitar work and weathered vocals are as essential as the songs are to At King Electric, a wonderful release which should find a place in any music fan’s collection." -Graham Clarke, Blues Byte, November 2018 Read more here...

Baltimore Blues Society, October 2018

"Like his restrained grooves which rarely hurry, Bonneville's wise and world-weary voice carries a natural gravity that commands attention... Depending on how the light hits this set, shades of J.J. Cale and post-Dire Straits Mark Knopfler can be heard. That said, in a just world, Ray Bonneville's rootsy run-ins with flesh-and-blood strife would be a household name." -Dennis Rozanski, Baltimore Blues Society, October 2018

Blues Magazine, October 2018

"Fans of Tom Waits, Chuck E. Weiss and J.J. Cale pay attention because here comes a singer/songwriter, who can effortlessly join this row." -Peter Marinus, Blues Magazine, October 2018 Read more here...

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