Twangville, September 2018

"Listening to Ray Bonneville’s spartan lyrics evokes images of freight yards, open prairies and empty dwellings. His masterful, moody songs on At King Electric  embody the spirit of the North American continent he has wandered for decades." -Bill Willcox, Twangville, September 2018 Read more here...

Elmore Magazine, September 2018

"Bonneville strips his bluesy Americana down to its essentials and steeps it in a humid, Southern vibe, creating a compelling poetry of hard living and deep feeling." Elmore Magazine, September 2018 Read more here...

no depression, september 2018

"His vocals have a generally relaxed feel in them, almost the languid movement of warm water as it slowly moves on its laid back journey.  Give a listen to South of The Blues, as it rolls along in no particular hurry to reach a destination.  It is the music at all times that stays front and center and oft times reflects the feeling in the song and a good example here is, Codeine, as it seems to amble in its direction." -Bob Gottlieb, No Depression, September 2018 Read more here...

The austin chronicle, september 2018

"Ray Bonneville's ninth studio LP kicks off deceptively dark and low in the slow-bruising blues of "Waiting on the Night," but that's where the decadelong Austinite shines. The Canadian pushes a journeyman's patience and confidence, guitar lines cutting deep but never flashy, and a voice just rough enough to bleed experience. At King Electric picks up groove as it progresses, with "South of the Blues" and "It'll Make a Hole in You" licking suave rhythms that kick back to 2008's Goin' by Feel, while "Codeine" grinds the grit of 2011's Bad Man's Blood and "Papachulalay" lays down New Orleans swagger. Bonneville's honed character narratives climax with "The Day They Let Me Out," but the understated, soulful "Tender Heart" stands as the LP's highlight, a potential blowout hit behind the right vocalist." - Doug Freeman, The Austin Chronicle, September 2018 Read more here...

Bentley's bandstand, september 2018

"...there is something perennially cosmic in Ray Bonneville's songs... He wraps his sound around a potent gris-gris of genuine grooves, and then layers on a soft-shell delivery that is seductively impossible to resist... At his core this man is a song catcher, someone who waits for the ether to send something his way, where he then snags it from the air and puts it inside his musical satchel. From there, things can go a thousand different ways until songs like "Next Card to Fall" and "The Day They Let Me Out" spring to life." - Bill Bentley, Bentley's Bandstand, Sept 2018 Read more here...

Minor 7th Magazine, Sept/Oct 2018

"...a propulsive CD that's part grit, part groove, all simmering in a southern gumbo that revolves around Bonneville's life-worn vocals. His lyrics relate the world he knows, on the road, carving out an existence in response to life's challenges. His "Codeine" is particularly evocative, as is "The Next Card to Fall." His songs, all originals, are populated by characters often struggling to find their various paths..." - Fred Kraus, Minor 7th Magazine, Sept/Oct 2018 Read more here...

Blues blast magazine, august 2018

"Veteran tunesmith Ray Bonneville delivers a sterling collection of relaxed and downhome originals on this CD. Steeped in blue-eyed soul, they’re a stripped down collection of songs that balance hope and despair as the characters he’s created struggle to carve their paths in a troubled world... Deceptively deep in their simplicity, Bonneville’s songs deliver intimate realities in a style that allows them to speak for themselves. Highly recommended." -Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine, August 2018 Read more here...

Living Blues Magazine, August 2018

"His mastery of the blues with his resonant harmonica fills, jagged-edged fingerpicking and gravel road vocals provide the perfect vehicle for ten original songs that articulate his carefully shaped imagery..."  -Robert H. Cataliotti, Living Blues Magazine, August 2018  Read more here...

no Depression Magazine, August 2018

“...On his ninth album Bonneville displays the discernment that some artists never attain, namely that he realizes the strength of his songs lies not in what he puts into the recording, but rather, what he leaves out... another example of storytelling that once again proves we are in the presence of a master.”  -Joe McSpadden, No Depression, August 18, 2018  Read more here...

jazz weekly, july 2018

"Bonneville's voice is filled with oak tones, and comes off like a ramblin' man on restless material such as "Next Card to Fall" while getting into a New Orleans funk as he growls out "It'll Make a Hole in You." George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly,  July 2018  Read more here...

No depression

"Few can ride a groove like Canada-born, U.S. raised Ray Bonneville." No Depression Read more here

paris move

"Brilliant and addictive..., a record that reveals new juices each time." Patrick Dallongeville, Paris Move Read more here...

B Man's Blues Report

"Bonneville weaves his tale with and interesting  intertwining of musical sounds and eerie almost supernatural guitar howls. Very nice." B Man's Blues Report Read more here...

folk roots magazine

""...a potent blues cocktail..."" Folk Roots Magazine

montreal gazette

"folk-roots gumbo... a languid Mississippi Delta groove, seasoned with smooth, weathered vocals and a propulsive harmonica wheeze." Whether performing solo or fronting a band, playing electric or acoustic guitar, Bonneville allows space between notes that adds potency to every chord, lick and lyric." Jim Withers, Montreal Gazette

The ottawa citizen

"A master of the slow burn, the gentle funk, the infectious rhythm." The Ottawa Citizen

dirty linen

""Bonneville creates his own powerful and unique version of the blues."" Dirty Linen

downbeat magazine

"Not prone to cliche or sentimentality, the well-traveled  singer-guitarist-harmonica player stands behind the hardscrabble folks dwelling in those tuneful songs, giving voice to their yearning." Downbeat Magazine

blues blast magazine, october 2014

"Easy Gone, makes for a pleasant, late night listening experience... Ray's voice is aptly described as being like JJ Cale but ther is also some similarity with later period Dylan... John Mitchell, Blues Blast Magazine, October 27 2014

austin chronicle

"Bad Man's Blood confirms Bonneville's stature as of Americana's foremost singer-songwriters." Austin Chronicle

music matters review

"A weathered voice, a pule of a beat, fuzzy electric guitar, growling harmonica, late-night vibe, blues-cool... it's Ray Bonneville at his best." Music Matters Review