where the tracks cut county nine
a diesel pulls up a long line
slowing up the grade to a crawl
where Jolee waits for an empty car
away from a man
with a cruel tongue and a violent hand
who done told her more than once
I’ll put your six under if you try to run

she walked into the pawn
said how much for that little thirty two
the man at the counter said
are you sure what you gonna do
run Jolee run
Jolee run

Arkansas border Tennesee bound
across muddy water into Memphis town
a walk up room a deadbolt on the door
a street lamp moon a creak on the floor
neon glows until the break of day
where she goes to make money
pouring whiskey pouring gin
don’t tell nobody where you been

the little thirty two in her pocket stays loaded
run Jolee run
Jolee run

the scene plays in her head
over and over again
there’s a movement beneath the street lamp
and the little thirty two gun is in her hand
it barks like a dog two three four
last call in the shadow
now Jolee waits for the morning freight
goin’ where nobody knows her name

run Jolee run
Jolee run

run Jolee run
Jolee run