Where tangled overpasses meet
high above the city street
blink and miss it down below
neon over a smoke glass door
the night’s lost already
the man takes your money
you’ve come to the right place
if what your looking for

is a reckless feelin’
reckless feeling

in the back room the lights are low
the band groves in the candlelight glow
she takes a sip and says I don’t know
if I’ll see you in secret anymore
you told me you’d leave her long ago
I don’t believe you so you know
he tries for a kiss, her weakness
I told you before

reckless feelin’
I got a reckless feelin’

The drummer lays it down smooth
eyes on the bartender and the way she moves
she’s got it bad thinking about last night
and the night ahead
the singer leans into the microphone
eyes searching over by the door
I must be the queen of fools
all the tears I cry for you

reckless feelin’
reckless feelin’

Drop the change into the slot
I know its late but I had to call
if you can’t talk give me a sign
you been on my mind
I’m you know where
can you meet me here
I really gotta see you
can you make it tonight

I got a reckless feelin’
a reckless feelin’