driftin’ under the July sun
on the way trough Abion
there’s a Y up in the road
no sign up on a pole
you might know the way to go
if you ask a passing crow
but he gonna keep on laughing right on by
leave you there to make up your mind

under a July sun
under a July sun

What she said when she opened her eyes
pull the shade stay a little while
I feel alright when you come around
but you wont learn your way in my town
I read your letters from far away
and all the things you try to say
a highway never did love anyone
next time you’re here might be so long

under a July sun
Uunder a July sun

when my shadow grows to be long
that’s when I get lonesome
tell me who do you think of
out under a July sun

under a July sun
under a July sun