Here we go about to close out this year, and begin to groove on a brand new shiny one…!

I want to thank you all for your amazing support throughout 2013 and I’m looking forward hanging with you some more in ’14!

2013 has been a year for touring the Western US, Canada, Europe and for writing and recording my new record “Easy Gone”…a record I started six some odd months ago with some of the songs not even wrote yet and some just plain unfinished…who goes into the studio with just an idea and some semblance of a melody? Reckon it might seem loco but I’ve been witness to crazier things that came out right…! Anyway long story short, it’s a done deal and I’m real happy with the way it shaped out. It’s got grit, groove, simplicity, and lots of air in it…! We are now looking at the art work that will go with it…! Looking forward to a mid to late April release on my very solid label Red House Records, who I’m happy to report, have the amazing Angie Carlson steering the publicity wheels these days…!

I am some doggone lucky to be working with my agent Evangeline Elston, who is the coolest I know…she just don’t ever quit, and everybody likes her…!

I’ve got a very good feeling about what’s to come in 2014, friends, and I can’t wait to wade into it…! I’ve been doing this a good long while now, and I’m still all jazzed up about it…!
Please come by and say hello at one of the shows…I so look forward to seeing you…!!